My offer did not get accepted… again!
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Alysha Boles
Published on September 22, 2022
My offer did not get accepted… again!

My offer did not get accepted… again!

This is a very demanding and busy season in the housing market. Over the past couple of months, I have helped several buyers who finally got offers accepted after previously losing out on offer after offer. It can be extremely disheartening and frustrating to find a home that you are excited about, work with your Realtor to write up the perfect offer and then wait days just to find out another offer was accepted over yours. All of these buyers were previously prequalified with lenders online, or out of the area and the first offer submitted after we connected was accepted.
So how can you avoid this same experience? How do you know what makes a difference in getting your offer accepted and what does not? Although there are multiple things that go into a seller's decision to accept one offer over another, here are 3 things you can do that can make your offer stronger and more likely to be accepted.

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  • Get FULLY pre-approved. Many buyers start the house shopping process with a basic pre-qualification and go on to make offers in the same place. This is typically just a starting point where you share your basic information either directly, or by online input and possibly have your credit checked. There are many online options where you can input your information and instantly get a pre-qualification letter in your email, but how do you know this is accurate? I can type in whatever I want and go shopping in Beverly Hills with that kind of a pre-qualification. Make sure you speak to Mortgage Advisor and provide them all the necessary qualification documents to fully review. This will ensure that you are in the right loan program which are detailed in your offer for the seller.
  • Make sure your loan officer is involved in your offer. Your Realtor and Loan Officer work in a close partnership to ensure your loan closes and you become a new homeowner. If they cannot be reached to help the Realtor with any specific or unique aspects of your offer as it pertains to the loan, that should be a red flag that perhaps you need a new Loan Officer. It is not uncommon for a seller's agent to want to speak with your lender during the offer process with any questions they may have. If they are difficult to reach, or not very involved, your offer just might get passed over in favor of a local lender who is responsive to questions for clarification on your pre-approval.
  • Act Fast! When you are fully prepared and understand your loan strategy, needs and house specifics be prepared to act quickly. If you wait, the likelihood of multiple offers being presented increases. Keep the odds in your favor by getting your offer accepted before others have a chance to get theirs submitted.

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