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Rates on the Rise!

Don’t let rising rates catch you off guard…  here is what you need to know and how to avoid costly unknowns… Yes- rates have been steeply rising since mid-January this year.  This was not a surprise for educated mortgage professionals but may have caught many by surprise that are newer to the industry as well as home […]

Tips for selling smart, part two

Summer is here and once again many potential sellers are watching rates rise, thinking prices are dropping and wondering if this is the right time to stay or go. Selling smart is as much as about knowing what you need to do as it is what you do not. Part two is focused on exactly […]

Waiting to Buy?

With how quickly houses are selling, is there anyone “waiting” to buy? I hear people comment they are waiting to buy until the market crashes, until rates drop more, less competition and more. Yes, all these thoughts are floating around in future buyers’ minds and maybe even yours? How do you know if waiting is […]